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Chest of Drawers Planter

What if you could use your desktop space as a container garden? After all, the presence of plants in the home is known to offer good health benefits. Here's how to upcycle a reclaimed drawer unit into a DIY planter.


Photography: Enthralling Gumption

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea from our friend Marwa Hayat of Enthralling Gumption. "Use a couple of the drawer units as planters within the dresser," she says. "And the rest — you guessed it right — can be used to store stationery items."


  • Mini chest of drawers
  • Acrylic paints
  • Foam brush
  • Pebbles
  • Duct tape
  • Assorted houseplants
  • Potting soil


  1. Remove the drawers from the dresser and paint all the sides in colors of your choice. Let them dry for approximately 20 minutes; apply a second coat if needed.
  2. To use these wooden drawers as planters, they must be sealed with a sealant to make them waterproof. One way to do this is to cover the interior of the selected drawer unit with duct tape. You can further layer it out with a plastic packet for extra safety.
  3. Fill the bottom of the drawer with an inch or two of pebbles for drainage.
  4. Plant as desired, using a high-quality potting soil mixed with a bit of perlite and compost; avoid overwatering. Cover the remaining area with extra dirt to level it up.

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