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Up and Away! It's a Hot Air Balloon "Baby Sprinkle"

Up and Away! It's a Hot Air Balloon "Baby Sprinkle"

Amanda S. Gluck of Fashionable Hostess shares her baby sprinkle complete with floating balloons, baby's breath floral crowns, and light and airy desserts.

Meet the Mommy-to-Be (Again!)

When you become pregnant with your first, friends throw you a baby shower. Then your second and third come along, and while you have the essentials, your friends may still want to throw you a little celebration. Hence the term "baby sprinkle" came to life... a gathering of your friends and family to celebrate the newest addition to your family.

With Baby No. 3 on the way and being incredibly busy with work, the kids (you name it) I wasn't so keen on having a party. But my friends convinced me that it would be the perfect time and occasion to celebrate. Summer has come to a close and the kids are back in school, so what better way to spend the morning than getting all dolled up, indulging in sweet treats, and catching up on our summers? So quickly, the plans for my baby sprinkle came to life!

Skyward Inspiration

The planning began with the invitations: I chose this Minted invitation and fell so in love with the hot air balloons that they quickly became the décor inspiration for the party. These DIY hot air balloons were from MamamaOnline on Etsy.


We set the tables with Mode Living tablecloths, used my Oliver & Olivia gold-rimmed plates, my new Birch Lane vintage glasses, and our custom hot air balloon decorations. At each setting, we placed a box of Sugarfina candy.

Baby's Breath Floral Crowns

When the girls arrived, they were greeted by my dear friend Christy of Crowns by Christy with a flower crown table. She took white baby's breath crowns and tied them with blue or pink ribbons. If your guess for the baby was boy, you received a crown with blue ribbon, or if your guess was a girl, you received one with a pink ribbon. I still can't decide what I think it will be, but a lot of the guests chose girl.

Angelic Aesthetic

On the invitation, we asked that everyone come in white, which couldn't have been prettier for the photos. So angelic! This was the first time I have asked guests to come in a specific color for a party and I have to say the response was amazing — the girls loved it!

Up, Up, and Away

We decided to set tables for brunch in the dining room as well as the playroom. In the dining room, PJB Creations created the most beautiful pastel balloon garland over the mirror. On the buffet table, we placed two Laduree towers (one pink and one blue) and a diaper cake by Baby Blossom Co. In the playroom, we displayed "B-A-B-Y" Balloons from Party City as the backdrop. On the bookshelves, we created a beautiful display of pastel toys and the newest Spindrift flavors for guests to enjoy.


I wanted the tables to match so that the party would feel cohesive, although in separate rooms. I couldn't have been more excited with all of these beautiful decorations!

  • hot-air-balloon-decor-by-window
  • balloon-decor-around-mirror
  • baby-shower-counter-decor
  • pastel-colored-flowers-in-vase

A Bountiful Basket

Christy had the amazing idea to embellish Under the Paper Lanterns and create hot air balloon flower arrangements as the centerpieces. 

Sweets and Sips

At the bar, we served Le Grand Courtage Rosé Brut and Blanc Brut as well as Spindrift Sparkling Waters (Spindrift even sent over its newest flavors, Strawberry and Mango, to enjoy.) In the kitchen, a beautiful brunch was on display by Cuisine and Events. The menu included a large bagel bar, yogurt parfaits topped with granola and berries, mini pancake stacks, green and mango juices, and mini egg and spinach frittatas.

Heavenly Treats

The dessert table was a pregnant girl's dream come true: A local Miami dessert shop, Amazingly Delicious, made hot air balloon cake pops and cookies. One of my favorite party prop websites, Beau-Coup, allowed us to custom create hot air balloon cookies with the party hashtag #FHBabySprinkle, as well as matching straws and candy jars of pastel jordan almonds. Cupcakes were baked from Buttercream Cupcakes in South Miami.

  • baby-shower-balloon-shaped-cookies
  • baby-shower-candies
  • baby-shower-pink-straws
  • baby-shower-candy-boxes

A Thank You Gift

At the end of my baby sprinkle, guests headed out with these adorable gift bags and more custom goodies including "baby" themed macaron boxes by Ladurée and mini champagnes bottles by Le Grand Courtage.

It was such a fabulous time. We ate and drank and caught up on all of our summer plans. We reminisced over stories of our first and second babies... the births, the good times, the hard times. The guest list included all moms with children my kids ages, so we are truly "in the thick of it" together!


While I have been so busy with the millions of things going on in my life, I have really thought about my third pregnancy as an experience of surviving being pregnant while somehow keeping my life in check, and had less time to think about the end product, which is that there is a little baby inside of me that will soon be here to join our family. A lot of emotion for someone 37 weeks pregnant! When the party came to a close, I thought to myself, the nursery is done, the party was incredible, but I am officially ready for this baby, and what an amazing support group I have to welcome it!


Photographer: Yesi of Simply Lively Photography
Styling: Amanda S. Gluck of Fashionable Hostess
Flower Crowns, Hot Air Balloon Flower Arrangements: Crowns by Christy
Invitations: Minted
Balloon Garland: PJB Creations
Paper Lanterns for Flower Centerpieces: Under the Paper Lantern
Hot Air Balloon Centerpieces: MamamaOnline
Brunch Catering: Cuisine and Events
Custom #FHBabySprinkle Cookies, Candy Jars, #FHBaby Sprinkle Straws​, Custom #FHBabySprinkle Gift BagsBeau-Coup
Candy: Sugarfina
Cake: Paola's Cake Atelier
"B-A-B-Y" Balloons: Party City
"Baby" Themed Macaron Boxes: Ladurée
Sparkling Waters: Spindrift
Champagne: Le Grand Courtage Rosé Brut and Blanc Brut
Mini Champagnes: Le Grand Courtage
Vintage Pink Water Goblets: Birch Lane
Tablecloths: Mode Living
Hot Air Balloon Cookies and Cake Pops: Amazingly Delicious
Cupcakes: Buttercream Cupcakes
Diaper Cake: Baby Blossom Co.