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Caramel-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe photo courtesy of Armando Rafael

It's hard to improve upon a giant -- and downright delicious -- chocolate chip cookie, but we've found a way: Stuff it with caramel! The secret to this recipe is freezing the balls of dough for just 15 minutes before baking. That way, the center cooks more slowly, and you achieve that blissful balance of melted, gooey interiors and crispy edges.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2017
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You can replace the caramels with chocolate ones, or even marshmallows (use four minis, or cut a big one into pieces).

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  • MS10091767
    12 OCT, 2017
    The cookie is delicious but I thought the caramel would be more gooey after cooking than it is. The technique of adding the butter to the dry ingredients worked well, but don't forget to wrap a towel around your mixer to keep all the flour mixture from making a mess. Also, I just cut the dough into 12 pieces (weighing to make sure they were in the ball park of 4 ounces) instead of scooping out into a measuring cup. The recipe's math is off - you either need 36 caramels to use 3 per cookie or use 2 per cookie and you need 24. 2 per cookie worked fine for me.
    • vkyarsgaardgma
      12 APR, 2018
      If you cut 24 caramels in half, you have 48 pieces....3 pieces per cookie will yield 16 the yield is off. 2 pieces is ONE carmel; smaller cookies would take 2 pieces and make 24. As for the choc chips - it made no difference when they were added. If you used WHOLE carmels, they would not melt very well.....just sayin'
    • keschultz123
      8 JAN, 2018
      Uuh.. I've been making cookies most of my life and this recipe was, in my humble opinion, jacked up!! First of all what I got for dough after cutting in butter with that much flour was more like a shortbread cookie crust recipe. 3 cups of flour???! The dough was way too dry to hold much of a ball shape, let alone try to insert caramel pieces. I then tried to salvage recipe by adding another egg and upping the other ingredients to compensate for the excessive flour. When I looked up other choc chip cookie recipes, they all had same portions for ingredients, but 2 cups not 3 cups flour. Also yielded way more than 12 large cookies. Which usually would be good, but for me only meant I'd be throwing out 20 or so cookies instead of just 12. Worst cookie making experience I've had. Waste of time and money!! Also, whoever says to 'beat in' choc chips-- and before adding eggs and vanilla! Was this an April Fools' joke?! I usually love Martha's recipes, but this one was really disappointing :(
  • h_orum
    19 NOV, 2017
    This recipe is for quality of 24 not 12. Totally meddes up!!!
    • h_orum
      19 NOV, 2017
      Messed up, never again!!

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