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4 Super Quick, Delicious Dishes You Can Make with Leftover Rice

Turn cooked rice into a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner in 35 minutes or less.

Pot of brown rice
Photography by: Con Poulos

A pot of this pantry staple goes a long way, baby. Whether you have white or brown, short or long, home-cooked or takeout on hand, any variety will do. Here are clever ways to make the most of every morsel, from a quick breakfast to a skillet dinner. For the best results in all these recipes, use grains right from the fridge.

rice porridge
Photography by: Armando Rafael

1. Sweet Rice Porridge


Breath new life into day-old rice by turning it into a sweet porridge for breakfast. Top with your favorite fruits, nuts, and sweetener -- we used blackberries, raspberries, chopped Granny Smith apple, toasted sliced almonds, and honey.


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Crispy Rice Cake with Celery Salad and Avocado
Photography by: Armando Rafael

2. Crispy Rice Cake with Celery Salad and Avocado


Leftover rice gets an assist from grated zucchini, Parmesan, eggs, lemon zest, and fresh mint to become a golden brown pancake. It makes an impressive vegetarian side or main dish, especially when crowned with a crunchy celery-and-radish salad and creamy avocado.


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sushi grain bowl
Photography by: Armando Rafael

3. Easy Tuna Rice Bowl


The classic flavors of a tuna-and-cucumber sushi roll get a pack-and-go makeover in this simple lunch that comes together in a mere 10 minutes. (It also makes a great fast dinner.)


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fried rice chinese style sausage
Photography by: Armando Rafael

4. Fried Rice with Chinese-Style Sausage


Our new go-to one-pan dinner! Using sweet Chinese sausage as your protein results in a rich, extra-satisfying fried rice.


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