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Raccoon Costume

Faux-fur glued onto a gray sweatshirt creates this little sneak's fuzzy ears, belly, and cuffs; another piece rolled up and pinned to his pants makes a fluffy raccoon tail. Stick felt onto gloves for sharp nails. And here's the genius part: The mini trash bag he's rifling through doubles as a candy sack.

kid raccoon costume


Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2017


  • Black felt (Pictured: Plush felt, for mask and fingernails, 45", in Jet Black, $8 per yd.,
  • Black gloves (Pictured: Pinksee Kids Winter Warm Stretchy Knitted Magic gloves, in Black, $6,
  • Safety pins
  • Gray faux fur (Pictured: Shannon Tissavel two-tone Volga faux fur, in Silver, $75 per yd.,
  • Black permanent marker
  • Fabric glue
  • Cotton batting
  • Gray hoodie (Pictured: Primary The Hoodie, in Slate Gray, $20,
  • Mini trash bag (Pictured: Begale small drawstring trash bags, 1.2 gallon, in Black, $12 for 115,


  1. Make paws and mask: Cut out claw-shape pieces of black felt, and glue them onto fingertips of gloves. Cut oval holes in a strip of felt to fit your child’s face; use a safety pin to secure it in back.
    raccoon costume how-to paw
  2. Make tail: Cut out a large triangle of faux fur and give it thick black stripes using a permanent marker. Glue edges to each other to form a cone shape. Stuff tail with cotton batting (or a plastic bag, or newspaper) and pin onto comfy pants.
    raccoon costume how-to tail
  3. Make body: Cut out two 1.5-inch strips of faux fur and glue them around wrists of hoodie. Cut out a tombstone-shape piece of fur; cut it in half, and glue one piece onto each side of zipper. Cut two 2-inch-tall triangles, and glue edges onto hood as ears.
    raccoon costume how-to

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