Skunk Costume

This funky skunk is super simple: A hoodie, faux fur, a fluffy white feather boa, and a little armature wire add up to the sweetest little stinker in town.

baby skunk costume


  1. skunk costume

    Make tail: Cut wire to length of hoodie and form a narrow loop. Cut black fur to fit wire, fold over wire, and glue edges together. Cut a strip of boa to fit on top of tail; attach with glue. Bend tail into an S shape and pin onto hem of hoodie or waistband of pants.

  2. skunk costume

    Add stripe and ears: Double the second boa, and pin looped end onto hood at top and bottom, using fabric glue to attach in between. Let trailing ends split down the back. For the ears, cut black felt into tombstone shapes, bend into a C shape, and glue edges onto hood.

  3. skunk costume

    Make belly: Cut white faux fur into a tombstone shape, cut it in half, and glue each half onto either side of zipper.

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