Storm Chaser Costume How-To

This twister's sister is breezy thanks to wire gaffers'-taped into her skirt and tucked into her shoelaces, plus an inside-out umbrella. Gel ensures her bad hair day lasts all night.

tornado and storm chaser costumes

For her brother's twisted tornado, a tomato cage and tulle are the only elements you need for a costume that will blow everyone away. Fabric leaves, model fences, and toy cows get swept up in the fun.

What You'll Need


  • Gaffers' tape
  • Armature wire (Pictured: Ook aluminum hobby wire)
  • Wire cutter
  • Paper clips
  • Adhesive dots
  • Dried leaves
  • Hair gel
  • Umbrella


  1. Blow the wind through her clothes: Tape strips of wire to back of scarf and inside of skirt. Twist wired fabric to look as if clothing is being pulled up and away.

  2. Have your child get dressed, then add finishing touches: Unfold paper clips and weave into ends of tied shoelaces so they stick up and out. Attach dried leaves to clothing using adhesive dots. Use strong gel to make hair look windswept.

  3. Turn an umbrella inside-out by pushing wired ends up and out.

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