A tomato cage and tulle are the only elements you need for a tornado costume that will blow everyone away. Fabric leaves, model fences, and toy cows get swept up in the fun.
tornado costume

Our twister's sister is breezy, too, thanks to wire gaffers'-taped into her skirt and tucked into her shoelaces, plus an inside-out umbrella. Gel ensures her bad hair day lasts all night.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Prep tomato cage: Cut off stakes under third ring with hand-saw. Place cage over your child's head, noting where his or her face and shoulders hit, and making sure he or she can easily walk around in it. 

Step 2

Create tornado: Remove cage, twist 2 strips of tulle to create shoulder straps, and staple them across second ring of cage. Twist tulle then work your way down, wrapping and stapling as you go. Leave spaces for your child’s face and arms.

Step 3

Add finishing touches: Use glue gun to attach dried leaves and sticks and mini cows and fences to tornado. Just before you leave for trick-or-treating, help your child into cage and add tulle around his or her legs, stapling fabric to itself and making sure he or she has plenty of room to walk.


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