Violet Costume

If you can cut and glue felt, you can make this adorable flower. The top four petals attach to a headband, the bottom two to a ribbon that ties under your sweet blossom's chin. Bonus: The "leaves" are safety-pinned to the dress (translation: removable), so it can be worn again. Synergy alert: This pretty posy's name just happens to be Violet.

violet kid halloween costume


  1. violet costume headband

    Make headband: Use templates to cut 6 light-purple petals (2 large, 2 medium, 2 small) and four dark-purple designs out of felt. Glue designs onto 4 smaller petals. Glue ribbon onto top third of headband, letting it trail down sides. Wrap tabs of 2 large petals around middle of headband, then glue to back of petal. Repeat with medium petals, attaching one on each side. Wrap 2 small petals' tabs around trailing ribbon, one on each side. Glue tabs to back of petal; secure by gluing top edge of small petals to back of medium petals.

  2. violet costume shirt

    Make leaves: Use template to cut 3 light-green leaves and dark-green veins out of felt. Glue veins onto leaves and attach to neck of top, either permanently with fabric glue or temporarily with safety pins or gaffers' tape.

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