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Studded Monogram Denim Jacket

As fall returns, so do denim jackets! What better time to turn your plain jacket from last year into a wearable piece of art? This pointillism-inspired  embellishment is a simple and stylish trick for upgrading your go-to outerwear with minimal materials required.


Photography: Enthralling Gumption

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Marwa Hayat of Enthralling Gumption. "You can embellish yours with your initials without having to poke holes and deal with the hurtful nailhead prongs against your skin," she says. "This is a simple trick that makes this project two times easier and faster as you will come to notice."


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  • Denim jacket (Pictured: Oversized denim jacket, $39.90,
  • Sew-on plastic dome studs
  • Craft adhesive (Pictured: E6000® Permanent craft adhesive, 3.7 oz. for $4.99,
  • Alphabet letter cookie cutter


  1. Choose your initial template for placing your studs. For an alphabet letter, we used a cookie cutter. If you don't have one, you can easily find a template online. Place your desired template in the center of the back of you denim jacket and begin to position studs adjacent to each other.
  2. The design you want to work with is similar to a cluster of stars where studs of different sizes are arranged together. Start with dense placement around your letter, then slowly taper off as you extend outwards.
  3. Begin gluing on your studs, keeping your planned placement while you work. (Tip: It's best to test glue on your denim jacket before you begin.)
  4. Push and hold each stud for a few seconds after gluing, then release; repeat for the rest of the studs.

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