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4 Fresh, Colorful Snacks Starring Cottage Cheese

We're celebrating the comeback of these underrated curds with four healthy, easy-to-make snacks.

Cottage cheese, a healthy-eating staple favored by moms across America, had lost the star power it had in the ’80s, just like leg warmers and Jazzercise. But it’s now time to give it another chance: Not only is cottage cheese a low-calorie source of (tons of!) protein and calcium, it’s also a versatile alternative to Greek yogurt. Work it into one of these smart snacks, and do the grapevine to an oldie but goodie.

sweet and savory tartines

Sweet & Savory Tartines

Skip the bread and reach for the crackers to make these lightened-up tartines. Spread with cottage cheese, then go sweet with fruit and honey, or savory with your favorite vegetables and lemon zest.


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stuffed papaya

Stuffed Papaya

Forget the canned fruit your grandma would use to top cottage cheese! Fresh is the better move. Here, juicy papaya is filled with a scoop of cottage cheese and finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon.


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late summer chop

Late-Summer Chop

When you hit that sweet spot between summer and fall, whip up this simple salad. Chopped cucumber, fennel, and apple are tossed with a mellow rice-wine vinaigrette and served on a bed of cottage cheese.


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edamame dip

Edamame Dip

Just the thing for last-minute entertaining, this back-pocket dip amps up frozen edamame with lots of fresh ingredients, including cottage cheese, cilantro, and serrano chile. Lime juice and cumin tie the flavors together beautifully.


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good culture cottage cheese
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Our Pick

This container has earned a place in our test-kitchen fridge for its thick, creamy texture and simple ingredients list: milk, cream, and sea salt.

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