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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

According to a recent survey, nearly half of all dog owners don't know the answer.

dogs running
Photography by: Sandra Clegg

How often do you walk your dog? Or play together? Or run around outside? It may or may not be enough to keep your animal companion fit and healthy. At least, that's what can be assumed from this new survey: nearly half of all dog owners are missing vital information about proper pet exercise. According to The Sun, four in 10 owners aren't aware of how much exercise is needed for their furry friend.


As part of a new campaign for distributing activity monitors to its customers, M&S Bank surveyed 2,000 dog owners. The research raises concerns: A small percentage aren't hitting the requirements for exercising their dogs adequately, while more than 48 percent believe their dogs could stand to get more exercise. Additionally, more than a fifth of participants think their dog is overweight.


"It's really important that we know how much exercise our dog needs and the difference it can make to both their physical and mental well-being," said Paul Stokes of M&S Bank to The Sun. "That's why we want to encourage the nation's dog owners to get out and about with their dogs as much as possible, helping to ensure they stay fit and healthy."


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As we've advised in the past, regular exercise is fundamental to your dog's well-being. Your pet should be getting between 30 minutes and two hours of activity each day. The specific standard of exercise, however, depends on size, breed, age, and condition of health. As your dog loses weight, gradually increase walks to 30 to 45 minutes a day. If you're pressed for time, consider a dog walker. You can also consider hitting the pool during the summer (exercising on an underwater treadmill and swimming in a pool are great options for dogs with arthritis or mobility issues) or turning feeding time into play time (place kibble inside a food-dispensing toy). So give Kibbles an extra walk this afternoon (and the days hereafter).


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