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Start Today: 12 Ways to Spread a Little More Kindness in the World

In honor of Be Kind to Humankind week — which kicks off on August 25 — here are a few crafty and creative ways to pay it forward to a stranger, friend, even a furry pal. 

1. Still have your solar eclipse glasses? Consider passing them along to Astronomers Without Borders so students in Asia and South America can catch a glimpse of the cosmic event next year. 

kids watching solar eclipse
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2. Get ready to roll up your hostessing sleeves: your next dinner party could help feed a family in need with Gather for Goats, a community project raising funds  to provide food to refugee families. 

Photography by: Suite One Studio

3. Then, save your party blossoms for these do-gooders who will repurpose bouquets by donating them to nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice centers.

Photography by: Courtesy of Bloomerent

4. Or, turn your tulips into tiny arrangements and hide them in public places for a stranger to find! 

Photography by: Courtesy of For The One Who Finds Me

5. Painted rocks make lovely random acts of kindness too!


6. Keep the party going with an extra special birthday bash — this nonprofit throws parties for homeless kids across the country.

Photography by: Courtesy of The Birthday Party Project

7. Or help support teens working to build a better future at this local cafe, one cookie at a time.


8. Up for a crafternoon? Get your needles warmed up in the name of love for these charitable causes, from crocheted octopi for preemie babies to handmade scarves for the homeless. 

crochet octopus toys for premature babies
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9. Even a simple purple cap can raise awareness for little ones.

Photography by: linaga / Getty Images

10. Calling all bird-lovers and beyond! One little lovebird is in need of specially knitted sweaters to help her battle a flight-hindering disease. 


11. And she’s not the only critter needing extra warmth — one animal clinic is collecting handmade or gently used baby socks to keep dogs and cats warm under anesthesia.

blue baby socks
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12. Believe it or not, you can even take a vacation — to volunteer of course! Here are some of our favorite ways to give back while you get away, from gardening in Greece to helping native children learn more about their home country. 

elevate destinations mountains
Photography by: Courtesy of Elevate Destinations

Whatever you choose, know that paying it forward is a Good Thing... even science says so! Another good thing? These easy floral balloon bouquets (the perfect way to perk up someone's day):