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Hungry? Feast Your Eyes on These Needle-Felted Food Figures

Wait until you see the fuzzy-to-the-touch pair of croissants.


The texture of needle-felted wool makes sense for cozy, cuddly animals: penguins, polar bears, woodland creatures of all kinds. But have you ever thought to apply that same technique to... pears, croissants, and mini mushroom-like men? That's exactly what we found in @Woolsculpture's needle-felted figures. The adorable Instagram account serves as a social media platform for the Woolsculpture Etsy shop. With just over 2K followers, the shop's owner, Ukraine-based Hanna Dovhan, has managed to captivate the hearts of fuzzy figurine lovers everywhere. We're not kidding — a quick scroll through their gallery will make you want all of the pieces carefully handmade by Dovhan.


Ahead, let's take a look at some of the cute things you can expect to find on their heart-warming Instagram. Warning: Judging by their current merchandise, limited quantities of each design are sold. So, each one is truly one of a kind.


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Fans of little details will obsess over the tiny eyeballs, mustaches, and arms attached to the cuddly breakfast foods above. These particular items aren't currently available in Woolsculpture's Etsy shop, but they're certainly on our wishlist.



Other Woolsculpture gems include a "family" of pears, mushrooms, chili peppers, and two egg halves to name a few. But their most popular item, according to their Instagram, features a particularly trendy fruit: avocado. The item (two avocado halves) is called "Avocado love." Though it's not in stock now, here's to hoping it'll be back soon, because the reviews are glowing.


"The craft and workmanship in her wool sculptures are absolutely amazing," one "Avocado love" purchaser wrote in their five-star review. "High quality workmanship and absolutely beautiful," another reviewer wrote.


Whether you want to buy 90 of the cute needle-felted sculptures for yourself or give them as gifts or simply stalk their Instagram for creative inspiration, one thing is clear: you need felt in your life.


Want to try this technique? Watch how to needle-felt an accent pillow: