It has to do, in part, with picking the right shampoo.
french bulldog in bath bubbles on head

Regular brushing once or twice a week not only keeps your pet looking her best - it also gives you a chance to detect changes that could be signs of a serious medical condition. Only bathe your pet about once a month (more frequent cleanings can dry out her skin).

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Brush first, removing any mats, and then use a pet-safe shampoo, as well as a conditioning rinse, if you have a long- or wire-haired breed. (We like Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner; $17 and $19, Some long-haired dogs may need trims between groomings, too - around the eyes (for visibility), the chin and jaw (to keep food from getting stuck), or the paws (to prevent dirt from collecting). A vet or groomer can show you how to do this safely at home.

Now that your dog is squeaky-clean, watch how to clean their pet bed:


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