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15 Out-of-This-World Ways to Celebrate the Solar Eclipse

Can't catch a glimpse of Mother Nature's big show? Here are a few galactic ways you can still "ooh" and "ahh" at the wonders of space (no eclipse glasses required.)

1. One: throw the ultimate interstellar party. (Who's up for stargazing and rocket-shaped sammies?)

interstellar party snacks
Photography by: Linda Pugliese

2. Decorate your doorway with these glittery shooting stars -- don’t forget to make a wish.

Photography by: Johnny Miller

3. Then, get your cosmic on with these this shimmery galaxy get-up! 

Photography by: Henry Leutwyler

4. Not complete, of course, without a pair of star-studded heels

Photography by: Mike Krautter

5. Speaking of stars, every sky (read: ceiling) needs a North Star. Try our astronomical accent on for size.


6. Prepare a spread of star-inspired sweets like "asteroid" chocolate crinkle cookies and star-shaped linzer cookies on a sparkly table runner.

Photography by: Johnny Miller

7. It's not a celebration without cake, especially one topped with these twinklers.

Photography by: Mike Krautter

8. And glasses of bubbly with stirrers to match. 


9. Don't forget about accessorizing outdoors! Find a perfect spot to string up lights (uh, everywhere and anywhere.) 

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

10. Easy idea: jazz up your lawn with a set of luminaries.


11. These speckled space orbs will crash any cosmic party, in a good way. (No craters here!) 

galaxy Easter eggs
Photography by: Shanna Sullivan

12. Same for our charming solar system mobile, because every space-lover needs one.


13. Remember to keep reaching for the stars, or at least brass hanging ornamental ones.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer

14. And see what lies ahead for you with these zodiac constellations

Photography by: Rob Tannenbaum

15. And did someone say "stars"? Watch how to make a set of metallic 3-D paper stars here: