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Hedgehogs, Owls, and Butterflies! Check Out These Hand Carved Stamps

Swedish artist and mother of two Viktoria Åström offers tutorials on how you can make them.


I have finished carving my blue-throat (blåhake). 😊 #viktoriaastrom #birdsofinstagram

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Whether it's spring or fall, Mother Nature continuously inspires us with neverending shapes, colors, and textures. Take notes from Swedish artist Viktoria Åström who studies trees, flowers, birds, animals, and other natural beauties when creating her whimsical illustrations and hand carved stamps.


Viktoria, a self-proclaimed, artist, animator, and illustrator creates her designs all from her home, an island outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. There, she resides with her family together surrounded by wildlife. "My art is greatly influenced by my background in animation, just as much as the beautiful surroundings that I live in," she says on Instagram.


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The final print 😊 It can also be found in my etsy shop (link in bio) #viktoriaastrom #wolverine

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Particularly, it's her hand carved (very detailed) rubber stamps that make her work so charming. Scrolling through Viktoria's Instagram feed, it's not hard to tell where she draws inspiration from. Her elaborate rubber stamps feature animals of all varieties — mammals to sea creatures, birds to amphibians. Not to mention, other fun elements like animated characters as well as seashells, bugs, and intricate city scapes.



No artistic element in each stamp is too small to not include. In fact, Viktoria makes sure to never forget a tail feather on a barn swallow or a plant vein in a series of leafy stamps.


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The finished butterfly print.🦋😊#viktoriaastrom #bluemormon

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"I have always been drawing and painting as long as I can remember," Viktoria describes in her Etsy shop. "As soon as I get some spare time, I bring out my sketchbook and starts scribbling. I love painting colorful watercolors, but I also enjoy painting large pictures using just black ink. Recently I have fallen in love with making rubber carvings and you can see several of my handmade prints in this shop."


With a new season about to begin, we can't help to think about all of the fall crafts and stationery projects that would co-exist rather nicely with her hand carved stamps. For instance, the below watercolor painted leaves print would cohabitate rather nicely with a few rubber stamped birds.


Feeling inspired? Try making these beautiful yet simple watercolor leaf prints for your home: