Backpack with Iron-on Patches

This craft is as easy as kids picking out adhesive patches and mom finishing the job with an iron. Plus, when you buy this colorful bag, another one full of supplies is donated to a student in need.

personalized backpack with patches

Give kids an extra reason to get excited about going to school with this fun craft. Let them personalize their backpacks with the patches of their choosing, allowing for even more creativity.


  1. To prep handheld iron, turn on to the hottest setting (avoid using steam) and work on a table or other hard, heat-resistant surface. However, do not use an ironing board as it has too much padding.

  2. Place patches where desired on backpack.

  3. To apply each patch individually, layer pressing cloth between the patch and iron. Press down on patch for 30 seconds, covering with heat evenly.

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