These Martha-approved solutions from her collection at Staples will keep class schedules, after-school activities, and family plans easy to manage.
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The carefree feeling of summertime may be fleeting come August, but that doesn't mean you have to start stressing about back-to-school season. As little ones return to the classroom, make sure your home is equipped with plenty of storage and organization options for all their gear. And don't forget about yourself. A multi-purpose notebook and a carry-it-all tote bag will help you balance a busy work schedule and Meet Your Teacher night.

These Martha Stewart approved products from her line at Staples deserve an A+ for helping you maintain a clean home amid the school supplies. Here are our most dependable must-haves.

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Go from Countertop to Wall

Martha's collection offers creative solutions for an all-too-common problem: a lack of organizing options that work for the entire family. Transform a wall into the central hub for all family activity with adhesive dry erase calendars, cork message boards, and chalkboard decals. Create zones for each child to track schedules and display assignments. By utilizing available wall space, you'll help to clear countertops and tables of clutter.

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More Than a Journal

Juggle your career responsibilities and the kids' soccer practice schedule with a multi-purpose, customizable notebook. The Discbound™ system can be outfitted with accessories like dividers, memo pads, and clear zip pockets. Each have pre-punched spines that make it easy to add, remove, and rearrange the contents of your notebook.

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Organization Tip: Customize a junior-size Discbound™ notebook for each of your children using Martha Stewart craft paint and stencils available at Michaels. A trendy monogram in their favorite color will send them back to school in style. And instead of using a different notebook for each class, they can use dividers to organize the Discbound™ in sections.

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Filing Cabinet Alternative

The Stack + Fit™ collection is designed to create cohesive and stackable storage solutions with a stylish aesthetic. Keep class syllabi, previous exams, and progress reports tucked away in file boxes. Magazine files and inboxes are handy for organizing loose papers you frequently reference.

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Take It on the Go

Transition from work mode to mom mode with a functional tote bag that will take you from the office to ballet class. Interior pockets hold your phone, makeup, and other small items that tend to get lost at the bottom of your purse. Also inside the zipper closure is a padded sleeve for your laptop or tablet. This bag is great for a family vacation. The rear pocket unzips at the bottom, allowing you to slip the bag over the handle of your rolling luggage.


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