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Floral Tulle Hoop-Art

This ethereal-looking wreath is made using mesh fabric and small blooms placed into artful arrangements. They compose half-crescent shapes around the embroidery hoop in a variety of flowers, leaves, and other greenery.

Olga Prinku's floral tulle hoop art

Photography: Olga Prinku

Source: Martha Stewart


This hoop art project comes from our friend Olga Prinku. You can use any mix of dried flowers and greenery. Here, she used small poppy heads, grasses, eucalyptus leaves and seeds, yellow helichrysum Immortelle, and hydrangea. You can find all these dried flowers on Learn more about her work in this maker's spotlight


  • 4-inch embroidery hoop
  • Tulle fabric big enough to cover the hoop (tulle with big eyelets)
  • Dried flowers and greenery
  • Scissors


  1. Stretch the tulle over the embroidery hoop, pulling taut, and trim the excess.
  2. Pick 3 single hydrangea blooms, leaving the stems in tact. Weave the stem through the net so the flower is secure in place. Attach all 3 hydrangea flowers at the bottom of the hoop as closely as possible to each other.
  3. On the right hand side of the hydrangea, place a couple of eycalyptus leaves weaving the stem of the leaves in the same way as with hydrangeas. On the left hand side, place some dry eycaluptus berries.
  4. Attach the poppy heads. Trim the stems at an angle for ease of weaving. (Tip: I've used mine in between the eucalutus leaves and one just above of the hydrangea blooms.)
  5. Weave in a couple of grasses at an angle on the same side as the eucalyptus leaves; trim any excess stems.
  6. Snip each single helichrysum bloom leaving at least 7 milimeters of stem and weave 4 or 5 of them on the left-hand side of the hydrangea flowers following the curve of the hoop.
  7. Repeat on the right-hand side, filling the gaps between the hydrangea bloom and grasses.
  8. Depending if you have any gaps underneath the hydrangea blooms, weave in a few more of the small helichrysum to fill in as well making sure the end of the stem is hidden underneath the hydrangea petals.

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