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Martha's Birthday Cake Was This Spectacular French Dessert

It's called île flottante, and it's as stunning as it is delicious.


It was Martha's birthday yesterday, and while we knew our mighty boss was celebrating in Maine, we didn't know what the grand finale would be. Would it be her dad's favorite birthday cake with orange curd filling and chocolate frosting? Would it be another towering Baked Alaska Bombe like the one she had at her birthday soiree in 2012? Turns out we should have just asked Martha's grandchildren -- they presented Martha with not one but two birthday cakes last night:

Oeufs a la neige (French for snow eggs) consist of airy meringue topped with silky creme anglaise and a drizzling of sticky-sweet caramel. The soft, cloudlike dessert also goes by the very apt name île flottante (floating island). Traditionally, oval-shaped scoops of meringue are poached gently in milk or water, but Martha's version simplifies the process by baking the sweetened egg-white mixture in a Bundt pan instead. The resulting large island is finished with caramel, raspberry coulis, or in Martha's case, both. Most importantly, it makes the perfect canvas for birthday candles!


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Now watch Martha make this sumptuous floating island: