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Vintage-Floral Painted Pillows

Paint rollers aren't just for walls — they're for pillows too! Make your own set of decorative pillows using craft paint and our easy-to-use pattern roller.

plaid throw pillows

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


We recommend painting a set of pillows in 2-3 complementary colors for a cohesive look.


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  1. Insert poster board into the pillow cover measuring 18 inches by 18 inches.
  2. Pour "Lagoon" home decor paint into a paint tray. Attach the foam roller to the handle and coat in paint. Attach the "Vintage Floral" pattern roller to the handle, and make a few test rolls to coat it.
  3. Starting from one side of the pillow cover, roll the roller, applying even pressure and pulling toward you. Continue to roll down the width of the pillow.
  4. Remove poster board insert and let dry. Clean the rubber pattern roller for next use.
  5. For the 10 inches by 10 inches pillow, insert poster board into the cover and paint both sides with "Lagoon" paint. Let dry completely before continuing steps 2 – 4 on both sides of the pillow cover.

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