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Splatter-Paint Ottoman

Kick up your feet on a crisp white ottoman with subtle speckles of color. We splatter-painted ours for a cheery, playful aesthetic.

plaid splatter ottoman

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


You can source an ottoman from a flea market or thrift store. We recommend splatter-painting with 2-3 complementary colors for a cohesive look.


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  • White fabric ottoman
  • 3 bowls
  • Optional: Sheet of paper to protect work surface


  1. Place paper down to protect your work surface. If applicable, remove ottoman legs.
  2. Pour "Celadon" home decor paint into a bowl and dip a large flat brush into the paint. Aiming at the surface of the ottoman, splatter the paint onto different areas by hitting the wet brush against another, in a "X" form.
  3. Repeat step 2 with "Beryl" paint, then with "Lemonade" paint.
  4. Let paint dry before reattaching legs.

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