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Painted Hutch with Birds and Branches

Our easy-to-use pattern roller quite literally "rolls out" a beautiful bird-and-branches motif that decorates the back lining of this elegant wooden hutch.

plaid decor hutch

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


You can source a hutch from a flea market or thrift store.


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  1. Remove shelves from the hutch. Mask off the edges of the backing with stencil tape.
  2. Paint the exterior and interior surfaces of the hutch in "Rolling Smoke" home decor paint; let paint dry. (Tip: Do not paint the backing.) Apply a second coat of paint if needed. Remove stencil tape from the backing. Let paint dry completely.
  3. Mask off the sides, top, and bottom of the hutch around the backing. Paint backing in "Lagoon" home decor paint using both the flat and angled sash brushes. (Tip: The angled sash brush is good for painting the edges.) Let paint dry. Apply a second coat of paint if needed.
  4. Attach foam roller to the handle and apply "Rolling Smoke" paint to the foam roller. Attach the "Birds and Branches" pattern roller to the handle.
  5. Begin painting with the pattern roller starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top. Repeat pattern until the backing is covered, adding additional paint to the foam roller as needed. (Tip: To reload the foam roller with paint, detach the rubber roller first.)

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