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This is the Proven Secret to Giving the Perfect Gift

"Researchers found that participants who were primed to feel more positively about risk-taking were more likely to give sentimentally valuable gifts."

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When it comes to gift giving, deciding what exactly is the perfect present for a particular person can be a tricky (and tiring) thought process. True, you want to every gift to be unique, thoughtful, and useful as the next. However, deciding what exactly that is can be overwhelming for buyers. According to a recent Daily Mail article, gifting doesn't have to be worrisome. Why? Buyers should 'go with their gut' when shopping and gift prepping.


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Carnegie Mellon University researchers discovered that buyers are often torn when it comes to giving a sentimental gift or a superficial present. In the end, it was found that recipients really do favor handmade well-thought-out gifts. In other words, we want sentimental tokens of appreciation opposed to something trendy or impersonal.


Julian Givi, Ph.D. marketing candidate at the University said, "Rather than risking a strikeout, they [buyers] go for the sure thing when what recipients truly desire are sentimentally valuable gifts."


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Gifting someone something truly special is good news for crafty people -- not to mention, those who love to experiment with fun gift wrapping techniques. Perhaps, you read the new study about Companionizing: The Gift-Giving Secret to True Happiness? Essentially, a study has found that if you buy a gift for someone that you've already purchased for yourself the appreciation from the recipient is greater. The shared gift creates a bond (companionship) between you, the buyer and the receiver. It's possible that the bond is more so stronger when the dual gift has been handmade.


All in all, the next time the occasion arises for you to think about a gift for somebody go with your gut. In reality, recipients want to feel special which can be accomplished by gifting something sentimental. Don't be afraid to get personal when shopping gift ideas. Need some clever crafty gift inspiration? We have a slew of handmade gifts that will make any recipient happy -- not-to-mention feel very special.


Found the perfect present? Make sure it's properly wrapped using the video below: