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Cereal Isn't Just for Breakfast Anymore -- Here's Proof!

Instagram's favorite crispy rice artist shares her marvelous creations.

Photography by: Evi Abeler

What’s Jessica Siskin’s secret to making the best brunch ever or picture-perfect pink donuts? Crispy rice cereal -- and lots of it. Siskin -- better known by her Instagram alias @mister_krisp --  has been wowing the world with her playful, edible crispy rice and marshmallow creations since 2012. And on August 8 you can finally learn her secrets when her first book, "Treat Yourself!: How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats" hits shelves. 

Photography by: Jessica Siskin

Before she was crafting cereal sculptures, the native New Yorker worked in the fashion industry. She made her first crispy rice creation, a "cheeseburger," for her friend's potluck. "I didn’t really know how to make much besides crispy rice treats," Siskin admits. "It was my party trick for a while. At first, I made plain hearts and stars until it occurred to me to start adding color."


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Photography by: Jessica Siskin

Once she'd mastered her first colors, Siskin’s experimentation with the gooey childhood classic really kicked off. "I started sharing pictures online and everyone loved them. About a year later, I dedicated an Insta-account to them, and as soon as it went live, I began getting orders." After two months, she quit her job to focus on her delicious art. 

Photography by: Evi Abeler

In her book, Siskin shares how-to’s for crispy rice "lobsters," "grilled kebabs,"  "lox on bagels" -- even a wedding cake! Her creations have been the centerpiece of birthdays, gender reveals, baby showers, and corporate events. Her craziest to date? A holiday window display. “The whole thing took about a month,” Siskin says. 'There’s no limit to what I’m willing to do!" 



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Photography by: Jessica Siskin

While her orders may be getting wackier and more challenging, her original recipe remains the same. Her trick to working against the clock: marshmallow melt time. "The less your marshmallows have melted, the longer time you’ll have to mold,” she says. “I also use a lot of cooking spray and wash my hands constantly to keep from getting too sticky."

Photography by: Jessica Siskin

Sticky or not, Siskin says she wouldn’t have it any other way. "Not only is it fast, easy, and a cheap treat to make, but it’s also a very forgiving medium to work with. And it’s better than art, because you get to eat it!" 


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