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Why We Love Collecting Vintage Custard Cups

These mini serving dishes are just the thing for elevating dessert.

custard cups

Dessert served in its own custom dish always makes for an extra-special delivery (think ramekins for creme brulee). These vintage cups, designed for baking custard, do that to sweet -- and colorful -- effect. Yellowware versions from the late 19th century are rare finds, but bright midcentury ones turn up fairly often in thrift stores (and if you’re lucky, you’ll happen upon a full set of six). You can also find their original wire baking rack, complete with a handle to remove them easily from the oven.


These durable cups usually cost from $8 to $20, with more expensive ones running up to $50. Companies such as Ohio-based Hall China still produce them, often casting from original molds. We love using the cups for custard, but with their high, curved sides, they’re also ideal for a favorite cool treat, such as a few scoops of sorbet or a mini sundae -- to each her very own.


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