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Introducing Our New Series: Kid's Lab!

Introducing Our New Series: Kid's Lab!

Professor Figgy is here to share the wonderful world of science with glow-in-the-dark bubbles, balloon-propelled hovercrafts, color-changing sand, and more.

Meet the Professor

Calling curious minds of all ages to discover the secrets of science, Jim Noonan aka Professor Figgy sure knows how to make learning fun! From oozing green slime and giant bubbles to geode eggs and magnetic putty, the crafting expert (and longtime friend of Martha's!) shows us just how much you can create with a few ingredients and a scientist's tricks.

Let's Learn Something New!

Want to turn highlighters into glowing bubbles, and balloons into hovercrafts? You've come to the right place! At Kid's Lab, Professor Figgy will reveal how everyday objects can transform into something new, and explore the science behind it. So, roll up your sleeves and put on your goggles — it's time to get started. 

This Week's Experiment: Thermochromic Kinetic Sand

Kid scientists, meet kinetic sand -- it has the properties of both a solid and a liquid and, when a special pigment is added, changes color under heat. Watch the video to learn how you can make it at home! 

All Natural Tie-Dyeing

Vegetables are for more than just eating -- turn your produce into a rainbow with this all-natural dye DIY! Beets, spinach, tumeric, and red cabbage -- the color possibilities are endless. 

Grow Your Own Giant Crystal Snowflake

Did you know that no two snowflakes are the same? Make your own unique crystals with this sparkley project (that packs a "cool" science secret too!) 

Balloon-Propelled Hovercraft

Balloons aren't just for parties -- see how you can turn one into a mini-hovercraft using an old CD, a pop-top cap, glue, and your choice of decorations (stickers, please!) 

Magnetic Silly Putty

Remember silly putty? There's a secret ingredient here that gives the familiar goopy substance a super magnetic power. Watch it mold and morph, stretch and snap --  even warp around magnetic forces!

Glow-in-the-Dark Fog Bubbles

These bubbles give off a luminous glow under black lights. The trick? We used the ink from a highlighter and a few other supplies. Watch how it's done in this week's video.

Check back every Friday for Professor Figgy’s newest science experiment!