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Floral-Stenciled Garden Gate

Take a step inside a lush, blooming garden. At the entrance, this lattice fence is decorated with a delicate flora motif indicative of the natural beauty hidden behind it.

plaid pattern gate

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Tape off and paint the lattice work and inset area of the gate with "Trellis" craft paint; remove tape and let paint dry.
  2. Paint the remaining frame of the gate with "Eucalyptus" craft paint; let dry.
  3. Attach the foam roller to the bottom section of the handle and apply "Eucalyptus" craft paint to it.
  4. Attach the "Floral Wheat" pattern roller to the upper section of the handle.
  5. From the top left corner of the inset area, press the pattern roller onto the surface, and gently pull the roller down the entire length. Repeat to cover the remaining surface. Let paint dry completely for 24 hours. (Tip: to reload paint, remove the pattern roller, then load more paint onto the foam roller. Reattach pattern roller and do a test roll on a separate piece of paper before continuing.)

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