This cotton carry-all is much more eye-catching with a colorful embellishment. The trick? We dyed a simple doily and affixed it to the front with spray-on adhesive for a crochet-inspired appliqué.
Doily Tote

This idea comes from our friend Manal Aman. This project has many possibilities particularly considering if you use round doilies or rectangular ones. Round doilies create great necklines for shirts where as rectangular ones can create great pockets. In addition to embellishing tote bags, you can embellish shirts, summer hats, scarfs, pillowcases and linens, even small muslin bags for gifting jewelry.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Dye doily in desired color according to package instructions; let dry completely.

Step 2

Once you’ve plotted out the design for your appliqué, spray fusible webbing onto the bag. Place the appliqué on top and iron on a high setting, making sure to place a cloth over the appliqué before ironing (or turn the bag inside out.) (Tip: If desired, cut the doily before dying and dye the separate parts in different colors.)


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