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Martha's Top 5 Organization Essentials for College Students

Head back to campus with customizable notebooks, wall storage solutions, versatile tote bags, and more from Martha’s recently expanded collection at Staples.

back to school desk
Photography by: Staples

Dorm rooms can be small with limited personal space, making it even more important to keep assignments and study materials organized.


Martha’s recently expanded collection at Staples has the customizable solutions every busy college student needs. Colorful notebooks can be tailored to each class, low-profile wall organizers save space, and a multipurpose tote bag makes on-the-go study sessions easy.


Browse our favorite products and pick up a few tips along the way:

back to school planner
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Customizable Notebooks


Instead of using several notebooks to keep class notes separate, the Discbound™ Customizable Notebook is equipped to store section dividers, filler paper, checklists, zip pockets, and more. The contents have pre-punched spines, making it easy to add, remove, and rearrange as needed. It’s an efficient way to keep things neat during an active semester. Plus, the notebook and its accessories are available in bright coral, refreshing blue, and calming gray to suit your tastes.

customizable notebook
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Creative tip: Personalize a notebook with Martha Stewart craft paints and stencils. Add a monogram, school name, or sorority letters to the front cover.

teal desk storage
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Color-Coordinated Storage


One of the best ways to stay organized, especially in a cramped dorm room, is to give papers, reading materials, and other class assignments their own space. Binders, magazine files, and boxes in coordinating sizes create a clean, streamlined look while also offering plenty of storage options. Everything is kept within reach, but tucked away to free up desk space, and a fun color like Martha’s signature blue makes it look amazing.

staples notebook
Photography by: Staples

Desktop Organization


Create a designated clutter-free spot on your desktop with a desk pad. It can be positioned in front of the computer to provide a smooth writing surface, and the elastic band secures stationery, to-do lists, and small office supplies. With a clean surface to work on, it'll be easier to focus attention on studying for upcoming exams.

back to school wall organization
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Utilizing Wall Space


College dorm rooms are notorious for close quarters, encouraging creative storage and organizing solutions. The new Wall Manager® System takes that task from desktop to wall. To get started, choose a small, medium, or large rail set that anchors the system to the wall. From there, your system can be fully customized with slide-in chalkboard, corkboard, and dry erase panels, hanging file sorters, a handing smart phone holder, and more.


If decoration restrictions don’t allow drilling, opt for lightweight wall organizing solutions that can be hung with adhesive strips. A colorful collage of clipboards positioned above the desk offers a convenient place to keep exam notes, study checklists, and class syllabi. Add a dash of school spirit by using the space to display pictures, pep rally mementos, and event flyers.


Study tip: Designate each class its own clipboard and keep important study materials grouped together. When exam week approaches, its easy to detach a clipboard from the wall and take it to the library for a study session.

backpack combo
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On-the-Go Essentials


Between class, extracurricular activities, and time with friends, college students’ schedules can fill up fast and take them all over campus. This tote bag-backpack combo is chic, functional, and can go from early morning class to evening study group at the local coffee shop. The top handle and back straps are adjustable and the main compartment zips closed. An interior padded sleeve protects a laptop or tablet, and exterior pockets can hold notebooks, pens, and personal gear.