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Up, Up, and Away! It's A Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

  • By Alexandra Churchill
  • Photos by Shanna Sullivan

Light as air, bright and colorful, this ethereal theme takes a baby shower to new heights.

Look up! The sky is full of wonder and inspiration. Clouds take on dreamy shapes. Hot air balloons are afloat in the air. A deep blue sky becomes the backdrop for freewheeling birds, rays of sunshine, evanescent rainbows, and the point of focus for a daydreaming mind. It's full of possibilities — and so is a baby shower theme like this one.


We took the whimsical colors of a carnival-bound fleet of hot air balloons and the wondrous blue of a cloud-patched sky to decorate the space.

All Aboard!

Open the envelope, and this rainbow-colored balloon looks ready for lift off! We used one template to cut, fold, and craft a batch of these easy-to-make invitations. And we chose a soft blue watercolor-inspired pattern for the paper backing of the card. Tie off your card invitation with a matching satin ribbon.

A Cloudy Forecast

Upon arrival to the party, a whimsical cloud of balloons floats above the table. A balloon cloud can be made in any size you'd like, but we recommend measuring the length of the table beforehand to determine desired coverage. (For the balloon cloud pictured here: we used approximately 25 balloons to hover above a table that measures 31 x 23 inches.) When choosing balloons, you can use a mix of shimmer and matte all-white balloons or a spectrum of sizes for added dimension and depth.

Ready for Lift-Off

These hot air balloons are crafted from colorful sheets of cardstock, glue, and baker's twine. Download and print a simple  template, then make a few to accent your floating cloud of balloons or make an entire fleet made to look like their ascending from the ceiling up high.

Treats From Above

For the dessert table, our sweets and treats took a lofty inspiration. Think soft marshmallows, whispy tufts of cotton candy, colorful confetti-like candy, white meringues and buttercream frosted cupcakes, scoops of vanilla ice cream, and tea sandwiches on white bread cut into cloud shapes with a cookie cutter. And for the showstopping peak: a tiered fondant cake sprinkled with confetti candy from the table.

  • meringues
  • Ice cream
  • party sandwich
  • Up Up and Away Party cake

A Whimsical Keepsake

Here's a keepsake that the mom-to-be (and baby!) will treasure for years to come: Have each guest press their thumb into an ink pad to make colorful balloons. Together, everyone creates a collective imprint in the shape of a hot air balloon. Later, it can be framed and mounted on the wall of the baby's room.

A "Thank You" Basket

There's one last surprise, and it's for your guests — these hot air balloon gift baskets! Each small basket is filled with trinkets, treats, and wrapped candy. For the basket itself, we used small-size containers (approximately 4.25" x 4.25" x 2.75") but you can use whatever you have readily available: a berry basket, bushel basket, or any other woven tote with swing handles. 


Editorial & Crafting: Alexandra Churchill | @alexandra_churchill
Photography: Shanna Sullivan
Styling Assistance: Ryan Adelson
Party Goods: Meri Meri
Candy: Sugarfina