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Hot Air Balloon Basket Party Favor

Look what landed from up above! It's a hot air balloon. Each small basket is filled with treats and wrapped candy as a "thank you" to your guests.


Up Up and Away DIY hot air balloon with goody bags

Photography: Shanna Sullivan

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. They were offered to each guest as part of an "Up, Up, and Away" themed baby shower.


These instructions give you the steps to make a single party favor, but if you're making them in bulk as you would for a party, using a handheld balloon pump will help inflate latex balloons much faster. For the basket, we used a small-size container (approximately 4.25" x 4.25" x 2.75") but you can use whatever you have readily available: a berry basket, bushel basket, or any other woven tote with swing handles. 


  • Balloon
  • Small basket
  • Double-sided tape
  • Candy bags, treats, and trinkets


  1. Inflate a balloon. (Tip: A handheld balloon pump will help inflate latex balloons much faster. To use, slide a balloon onto the nozzle — specially designed to grip the balloon by the neck — pump it to desired size, remove, and tie off.)
    Hot Air Balloon DIY
  2. Affix four paper straws to the inside of the basket — one straw per corner — with double-sided tape. Ensure that all of the straws are at an even height.
  3. Gently cradle the balloon within the four paper straws; use double-sided tape to secure if necessary.
  4. Fill the basket with candy bags, treats, trinkets, and any other goodies.

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