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Fried Fish and Coleslaw -- That's What Martha’s Making on the "Today" Show!

This simple yet sublime pairing is sure to become your new summer tradition.

fried fish outdoor fryer
Photography by: Ryan Liebe

Martha’s switching things up this summer by hosting a Friday-night fish fry on Monday morning -- and on the "Today" show! Not only will she take the guesswork out of deep-frying, but she’ll also be sharing the secrets behind her favorite foolproof batter. The result? Crispy, golden fish every time. Serve it alongside Martha’s spicy tartar sauce (amped up with pickled jalapenos) and tangy dill coleslaw. Or try putting all three elements together -- stack pieces of fried fish between squishy potato rolls, along with a slice of ripe tomato and the aforementioned sauce and slaw. It’s the ultimate summer sandwich!


Get the recipes below and don’t miss Martha’s demo on the "Today" show Monday, July 10th. It’ll inspire you to fire up your fryer this weekend, guaranteed.

fried fish sandwich with dilled cabbage slaw
Photography by: Ryan Liebe
Get the Tartar Sauce with Pickled Jalapenos Recipe
dilled cabbage and cucumber slaw
Photography by: Ryan Liebe
Get the Dilled Cabbage-and-Cucumber Slaw Recipe