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Fancy Something Sweet? Martha's New Favorite Desserts Are Absolutely Irresistible

From sweet buns and coconut cake to caramels and creme brulee, Martha's putting a fresh spin on everything sweet this week on "Cooking School."

Honoring the sweet traditions of the Arabian Gulf on the latest episode of “Cooking School,” Martha makes four desserts that are simply bursting with flavor, thanks to freshly ground spices, fragrant syrups, and plump dried fruits. Show-stopping sweet buns are stuffed with apricot-studded cream cheese, coconut cake and creme brulee are elevated with saffron, and hostess gift-worthy caramels are encrusted with sesame seeds. Take a peek at the recipes below, and don’t miss Martha’s dessert tour on “Cooking School” this weekend.

beehive buns
Photography by: Bobbi Lin

1. Beehive Buns

Named for the honeycomb they resemble when baked, these dessert buns are fluffy and golden brown on the outside and oozing with fruity cream cheese on the inside.


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semolina coconut cake
Photography by: Bobbi Lin

2. Semolina Coconut Cake

Semolina flour gives this crowd-pleasing dessert its lovely toothsome texture. The cake is infused with homemade saffron syrup while it's still warm, then finished with a sprinkling of pistachios.


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sesame caramels
Photography by: Bobbi Lin

3. Sesame Caramels

Gooey caramel meets nutty sesame seed perfection in Martha's take on the popular Middle Eastern confection known as simsimia.


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bruleed saffron custards
Photography by: Bobbi Lin

4. Bruleed Saffron Custards

Martha merges classic creme brulee with haleeb bil zaafaran, an Emirati milk-and-saffron drink typically served at breakfast, in this flavor-packed hybrid dish.


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