Palm Leaf Wall-Art

This summer, give your home a seasonal makeover with this tropical-inspired print. It's easy: a palm leaf is dipped in paint and "stamped" onto the canvas (which, in our case, happens to be millennial pink).

DIY Palm Canvas Art

This idea comes from our friend Marwa Hayat of Enthralling Gumption. "Besides, who doesn't love the plants on pink trend? And with Greenery set forth as the Pantone color for the year 2017, it isn't the hardest of decisions to make," she says. "Moreover, I am obliged to add that it's a must-do project for those of us who are not confident in keeping our plants alive. Perhaps painting could remedy our lack of a green thumb, if you will."

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What You'll Need


  • Palm leaf
  • 19.5" x 27.75" Canvas
  • Acrylic craft paint in pink and green
  • Foam brush
  • Paintbrushes


  1. DIY Palm Canvas Art Step 1

    Prep your canvas by painting it pink with a foam brush. And keep aside to dry for at least 30 minutes.

  2. DIY Palm Canvas Art Step 2

    Select a palm branch from your plant that has the most number of blades. Place it between sheets of cloth and iron it to have it flattened out for better application of paint (or use a fake one).

  3. DIY Palm Canvas Art Step 3

    Apply a generous amount of paint on the leaves of your palm branch; test it on a paper for practice and to remove excess.

  4. Carefully stamp your palm branch slightly curved on your canvas (quickly and before the paint dries out).

  5. DIY Palm Canvas Art Step 5

    Follow up by covering the palm branch with paper towels. Apply pressure on the leaves for the paint to transfer and carefully remove the paper towel.

  6. DIY Palm Canvas Art Step 6

    Remove the palm branch. You may notice that the area stamped has not entirely been covered with paint, if you like this version perhaps you may continue to stamp in a similar fashion.

  7. Apply paint with a thin brush to fill in the leaf for a graphic effect. Here, essentially the branch is being used as a guideline. You may then repeat steps 3-7 until you reached desired coverage.

  8. DIY Palm Canvas Art

    All you are left to do is to hang your freshly painted art on the wall and simply admire.

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