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Splatter-Paint Wooden Charger

A spritz of color here, a splash of colore there — and you have a set of playful mix-and-match dinnerware pieces.


Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. With stencil tape, tape off section for solid color block. Apply two coats of satin paint in desired color to one side of the tape; let dry completely.
  2. Tape off another section that overlaps part of the color-blocked area. Tape a piece of large cardstock along the same line, so that it covers and protects the opposite section.
  3. Dip a large brush in watered-down satin or watercolor craft paint. Position your hands above the charger, and hit the paint-filled brush against another in a cross form. Splatters will hit the surface. Continue until you've achieved desired coverage.
  4. Splatter another color for contrast. Once finished, let charger dry completely.

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