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Our Food Editors' Favorite Tomato Salads

What to do with your farmers'-market haul? Here, five test kitchen-approved tomato salads that you'll want to make all summer long.

There’s no better ingredient for a bright and beautiful summer salad when these sun-ripened flavor bombs peak. To celebrate the season, our food editors share their favorite ways to dress them up -- with some spiced yogurt here, a warm vinaigrette there. Each recipe is different, but all are delicious -- on that, everyone can agree.

tomato salad with chile yogurt
Photography by: Christopher Testani

Tomato Salad with Chile Yogurt

"I love the simplicity and beauty of this sungold, beefsteak, and heirloom tomato salad. Yellow varieties are usually milder, so I add green ones and tart Greek yogurt to balance out the lack of acidity. And since I’m a total spice-head, I throw a couple of sliced Thai chiles and a hit of grated ginger into the yogurt."

--Sarah Carey, Editorial Director of Food


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cherry tomato corn halloumi salad
Photography by: Christopher Testani

Cherry Tomato, Corn, and Halloumi Salad

"Tomatoes and corn are basically all I want to eat this time of year -- why not enjoy them together? The key to bringing out their flavors is a warm dressing, made by heating garlic and olive oil in a skillet and then mixing in lime juice and zest. Thick pieces of seared salty halloumi cheese add heartiness to this otherwise light salad, and turn it into a meal on its own." 

--Lauryn Tyrell, Associate Food Editor


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gazpacho salad with croutons
Photography by: Christopher Testani

Gazpacho Salad with Croutons

"I'm a fan of gazpacho, but sometimes I just don’t want to get out the blender. Instead I deconstruct the cold soup into an easy chopped salad of sweet onion, cucumber, bell pepper, and Campari tomatoes, which have a nice flesh-to-seed ratio. The toasted croutons are made from craggy country-style bread, the best for absorbing the garlic-Dijon-sherry vinaigrette. It’s perfect with a bright Spanish white wine like Albarino." 

--Shira Bocar, Food Editor at Large


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blt tomato salad
Photography by: Christopher Testani

BLT Salad

"This fork-and-knife salad is essentially a BLT flipped on its head, with crunchy iceberg and frisee lettuces stuffed inside a big, meaty heirloom tomato. You can serve it with bread on the side, but I usually eat it stacked on top of a whole slice of toast; as you cut it, the bread soaks up the juices, which amps up the flavor -- it’s like a Spanish pan con tomate."

--Greg Lofts, Deputy Food Editor


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sardinian tomato salad
Photography by: Christopher Testani

Sardinian Tomato Salad

"I was reading a story in "National Geographic" about the diets of the healthiest communities around the world. It included Sardinia, which inspired this Mediterranean-style dish featuring the classic flavors of fennel, orange zest, and olives. The simple meal feels complete when served with toasted rustic bread and good-quality tuna packed in oil, flaked right from the tin." 

--Lindsay Strand, Assistant Food Editor


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