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Watch How This Gizmo Magically Fills 100 Water Balloons in One Minute

You'll see why this is the summer's hottest toy.

summer fun make a splash
Photography by: Peter Ardito

On a hot summer’s afternoon one can wish for the cold thrill of a winter snowball fight. Luckily, summer offers something just as thrilling and perhaps, even more chilling: water balloon fights!


Similar to conquering a snowball fight, water balloon challengers know that it is best to keep your balloon arsenal fully equipped as you prepare for splash battle. However, keeping your water weapons fully stocked can be a bit of a challenge in the midst of all the hurling and splashing. That is until now with a new (game-changing) product called, ZURU Bunch O Balloons.


The rapid refill pack promises to refill up to 100 balloons within sixty seconds. Just think of all the friends you can drench with the quick and continuous fill-ups. What about the tiring process of tying each individual balloon? Nope, that's taken care of too. It works like this: the balloons are connected to a plastic ring which you connect to your hose. Upon filling, they drop off the plastic ring one by one sealed up and ready for play!


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Plus, the multiple color combinations allow you to assign a color to each team or, you know, have a random rainbow water balloon fight hitting any moving target in sight.


Now, who's ready for a water balloon battle?