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Let's Flamingle! And Host a Pink Flamingo Birthday Party

This summer, let's ruffle some feathers and throw a soirée that'll have everyone squawking for years — poppy-fizzy cosmopolitans, pretty pink candy, and fluffy-winged invitations.

Okay, so here's a conversation starter: What do you call a group of flamingos? (Drum roll, please.) A flamboyance! And isn't that just fitting? This party theme takes its cue from those pink-feathered, stilt-legged quirky friends of ours for a similarly flamboyant and fun event.


To get guests in the "flamingling" mood, we set a sunny, tropical space with orchids, overhanging ferns in an overgrown garland, and a glittery wall display that says it all.

Fly This Way

Get the party started with these pretty-in-pink flamingo party invitations. They each come with moveable feathered wings! And the invitation was paired with a green-lined envelope and tropical palm leaf motifs befitting of the theme.

A Toast From the Host

For a mild sip, we served pink lemonade. And for the more daring crowd — Pop Rocks Cosmopolitans with fizzy poppy crushed candy on the rim.

Summery Sweets

Who could resist a fabulously pink spread of sweets and treats? We took inspiration from flamingos for our snacks too — feather-like tufts of pink cotton candy, pink and gold pearl chocolates, flamingo-topped vanilla cupcakes, and grapefruit-flavored flamingo-shaped gummies.

  • pink and gold candy close up
  • Let's Flamingle cupcakes
  • Flamingo candy tray
  • Flamingo gummies

A Sweet Slice

Pretty in pink and light as a feather, this cake is inspired by a pink flamboyance of fanciful flamingos. Arranged on each tier is a row of rosé gummies and grapefruit-flavored flamingo candies. And atop is a blossoming pink peony. When you cut a slice, five pastel layers are revealed to form the surprisingly colorful creation.

Fly Away

At the end of the day, give your guests a seriously sweet send-off with this small stenciled gift bag. Each one comes packaged with a cellophane bag filled to the brim with candy and tied with a pink satin bow.


Editorial & Crafting: Alexandra Churchill | @alexandra_churchill
Photography: Shanna Sullivan
Invitations: Ilyssa Minkus | @madebyilyssa
Styling assistance: Ryan Adelson
Candy: Sugarfina, Dylan's Candy Bar
Craft supplies: Martha Stewart Crafts