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Flamingo Party Invitations

These pretty-in-pink flamingo party invitations come with moveable feathered wings. Download and print our template, then mail them out to your guests!

Lets Flamingle invitation

Photography: Shanna Sullivan

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Ilyssa Minkus. They were sent to each guest as part of a "Let's Flamingle!" birthday party. We paired our invitation with a green-lined envelope and tropical palm leaf motifs befitting of the theme.


  • Cardstock in pink, white, and black

  • Scissors

  • Small pink feathers

  • Pink mini round-head paper fasteners

  • Black pen

  • Glue stick


  1. Download and print the invitation template.
    Lets Flamingle invitation
  2. Cut out shapes from pink cardstock using scissors; additionally, cut out a beak shape from black and white cardstock.
  3. Handwrite or print message onto flamingo body shape.
  4. Glue two to three pink feathers onto wing; let dry completely.
  5. Place wing shape from template onto the flamingo body shape as desired. Then, poke the sharp end of a mini fastener through the layered paper and bend legs to secure the wing in place. Ensure that the wing can rotate upward to reveal message.
    Lets Flamingle invitation

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