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Seasonal Produce Guide: What to Buy in July

Summer is in full swing! And here are the fruits and vegetables you shouldn’t miss at the market.

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Photography by: Sang An

1. Summer Berries

We’ll take these gem-like treats over real jewels any day! ‘Tis the season for splurging on pints and quarts of ripe blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. It’s that blessed time of year when their seasons overlap with strawberries and stone fruit, which means the hardest thing about dessert right now is deciding what to make! Start with our 5 Divine Desserts You Can Make with Any Summer Fruit, then experiment with all of our delicious recipes. And if you want to learn more about different berry varieties, check out Martha’s Berry Glossary.


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Cartons of peaches
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2. Peaches

A perfectly ripe peach has got to be one of summer’s greatest pleasures. Both the white and yellow varieties are at their peak in July and August, and devouring them over the sink is just one of the many ways to enjoy them. While your first thought might be dessert, don’t forget about all the savory applications for peaches. Toss in a salad, use as a pizza topping, turn into gazpacho or salsa, or fold into guacamole.


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Nectarines with a knife

3. Nectarines

These stone fruits also reach their peak in July and August. They're just as delectable as peaches but tend to be smaller and firmer and don’t have that telltale fuzz. You can use nectarines and peaches pretty interchangeably in recipes. We love pairing nectarines with raspberries in jam or a crisp or letting them shine simply poached or sauteed atop coconut pudding.


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Photography by: John Kernick

4. Tomatoes

Everyone waxes on about summer tomatoes for a reason; they’re incomparably delicious when they’re in season. Try them in every color and size, and consider thinking ahead! It’s never too early to start preserving -- follow Martha’s guide and make oven-dried tomatoes or transform them into tomato puree, water, or confit so that you can enjoy the flavor all year long.


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5. Corn

We love eating summer corn raw, but you can also accentuate its sweetness with quick cooking. When shopping, look for bright green husks, glossy silks, and plump, shiny kernels. Pro tip: The smaller the cob, the juicier the corn. Once corn is harvested, its sugars begin converting to starch, making it less sweet, so don’t dally once you bring it home! Try it every which way -- grilled, pickled, sauteed, creamed, you name it. It even makes a sensational ice cream!


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