Caning Hoop Wall-Art

Use caning — an intricate material derived from the outer bark of the rattan palm — for an easy wall-art project. These light-catching wall hangings are a breeze to make.

caning hoops

This wall-art project appeared in our feature, Weave It In, all about modern home décor pieces made from wicker, caning, jute, rattan, rush, and other durable fibers.


  1. Soak a sheet of caning in a bathtub of water for 20 minutes, using rocks or weights to keep it flat.

  2. Separate a quilt hoop. Put the wet sheet on top of the smaller hoop, then work the larger one down over the caning.

  3. Tighten the screw, trim the excess, and let the fibers dry completely.

  4. Hang using a picture hanger or an S-hook.

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