Egg Salad Recipes

Here you will find the best and creamiest egg salads for your sandwich, picnic or side dish as well as delicious leafy salads featuring the incredible egg!

Staff Picks

Classic Egg Salad

Rating: 3.22 stars
Other mix-ins include sliced black olives, chopped fresh parsley, chopped fresh chives, walnut pieces, chopped dill pickles, and capers.

Alexis's Light Egg Salad Sandwich

Rating: 3.53 stars
For a lighter version than the original, Alexis's Light Egg Salad Sandwich uses more whites than yolks and a dash of Madras curry to boost the flavor.

Open Face Sandwiches

Rating: 4.75 stars
Eggs are tasty and healthy but they can be fun too! Make these Open Face Sandwiches for a nutritious and delicious meal.

Martha's Favorite Egg Salad Sandwich

Rating: 3.45 stars
Martha's favorite egg salad sandwich is a healthy—and delicious— lunch choice.

Egg Salad Sandwich

Rating: 3.13 stars
A round loaf of bread instantly elevates this Egg Salad Sandwich, making it the perfect dish to serve at your next picnic

Eggs with Rice and Soy Dressing

Rating: 3.5 stars
In the time it takes to make rice, you can have this simple-yet-delicious Eggs with Rice and Soy Dressing that's an ideal breakfast or light lunch.

Breakfast Egg Salad

Rating: 3.73 stars
Hard-boiled eggs get tossed with diced avocado and a flavorful vinaigrette in this egg salad perfect for breakfast that pairs well with smoked salmon and whole-grain bread.

Egg White and Avocado Salad

Rating: 3.06 stars
Use this Egg White and Avocado Salad to make a delicious better-for-you version of egg salad. It makes for a tasty addition to any picnic or lunchtime spread.

Alexis's Egg-Salad Sandwich

If you'd like, use a large, round whole-wheat loaf and cut into wedges for Alexis's Egg-Salad Sandwich. It's a delicious recipe for any time of day

Southern Egg Salad

Rating: 3.23 stars
Old Bay Seasoning, a mix of more than 12 herbs and spices, is key to the distinctiveness of this Southern egg salad.

Open-Faced Egg Salad Sandwiches

These classic Open-Faced Egg Salad Sandwiches are a filling and economical lunch.

Egg Salad Pinwheels

Rating: 3.09 stars
Kids love bite-size party snacks, including these creamy Egg Salad Pinwheel sandwiches.

Inspiration and Ideas

Egg Salad Sandwich with Avocado
Rating: Unrated
This lightened-up egg salad skips the yolks in favor of heart-healthy avocado and uses very little dressing.
Three-Pepper Egg Salad
Two pantry superstars—pepperoncini and Peppadews—give this Three-Pepper Egg Salad salad a satisfying tang, while chopped bell pepper adds just the right amount of crunch.

Steak-and-Egg Salad

Rating: 2.78 stars

Thinly sliced skirt steak, hard-boiled eggs, and romaine lettuce make up this simple main-course salad. Also try it with seared mahimahi fillets instead of the beef.