Cucumber Recipes

Cool off with these delicious recipes that include lots of salads - but go way beyond that! Try cucumber on soup, sandwich, sauces or drinks.

Staff Picks

Brown-Rice Cakes with Toppings

Puffy brown-rice cakes are just as versatile as toasts for layering on the flavor (and they're gluten-free).

Quick Pickled Cucumber Salad

Rating: 3.11 stars
Quickly pickled sliced cucumbers and red onion make a cooling side salad for lamb burgers or fried fish.

Israeli Salad

Rating: 3.33 stars
Fresh ingredients add bold flavors to this simple, no-cook salad.

Crisp Vegetable Tea Sandwiches

You can change the flavor of these simple sandwiches by varying the herbs you add to the cream cheese. Any favorites will work well alone or in combination.

Gordon's Breakfast Cocktail

Our spin on the classic cocktail (a lighter, brighter alternative to a Bloody Mary) swaps out the usual hot sauce and Worcestershire for fresh jalapenos and mint from the garden. The resulting drink is spicy, savory, and quite possibly the best way to use up your late-summer bumper crop.

Cucumber, Red Onion, and Dill Salad

Rating: 3.03 stars
This Cucumber, Red Onion, and Dill Salad is simply refreshing. While English cucumbers are generally seedless, if any seeds remain, simply scoop them out by dragging a spoon down the length of the cucumber.

Cucumber Cooler

There's no alcohol in our recipe for a cucumber drink flavored with mashed mint leaves and lime, but this lightly sweet beverage is more refreshing than any cocktail.

Cucumber-Pear Juice

Rating: 2.92 stars
This is a refreshing drink with a gingery zing to it.

Rice-and-Bean Salad Bowl with Tahini Sauce

Our glorious grain bowl calls for making the brown rice in advance, but even if you start from scratch, you can get the whole dish on the table in under an hour.

Black Bean, Cucumber, and Feta Salad

Pressure-cooked black beans (time to break out that Instant Pot!) meet cool cucumbers and bright cilantro, lime, and feta in this refreshing side dish that's ideal year-round. This recipe appears in our cookbook "Martha Stewart's Pressure Cooker" (Clarkson Potter).

The Ultimate Salad Mix with Carrot, Cucumber, and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Rating: 3.67 stars
Make your own convenient salad blend in this Ultimate Salad Mix with Carrot, Cucumber, and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Use 4 cups here, then store the rest.

Inspiration and Ideas

30 Cool Cucumber Recipes You'll Want to Make All Summer Long

Few foods are as refreshing or adaptable as cucumbers. Their subtle flavor and high-water content make them a welcome addition to a range of dishes, from salads and soups to pickles and cocktails.

Strawberry-Cucumber Gin-Elderflower Spritz

This pretty-in-pink summer drink is like a Pimm's cup with a French accent. The muddled cucumber with its watery flesh, sweet strawberry, and gin mixture is not only refreshing but can be also made ahead of time and stored in the fridge, covered, up to eight hours.

Chilled Avocado-Cucumber Soup with Crostini

If you're a gazpacho fan try this, its verdant cousin, packed with refreshing cucumbers, cilantro, and scallions, plus avocados for dairy-free creaminess. Pop the ingredients in the blender, chill, and serve this cool soup with a platter of good ham, jammy eggs, blanched asparagus, and crisp crostini for DIY tartines.