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Patriotic Floral Arrangement in a Bucket

Store-bought blooms and an American flag (or two) can be corralled into a stunning Fourth of July centerpiece. Here, a variety of hydrangeas, mini roses, and mums stand in for the iconic red, white, and blue.

Fourth of July Flower Arrangement

Photography: Taylor Grayson Photo

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Ashley Lloyd of Let's Mingle. The arrangement served as part of the décor for her "Red, White, and Bubbly" Fourth of July party. "I'm a big believer that you can create your own amazing floral arrangements using grocery store blooms and without being a professional florist," she says. "For this arrangement, I used mostly white flowers, in different shades to give the overall arrangement a bit of added texture. Small pops of red add some festive color, and the addition of a few small American flags makes this arrangement holiday-worthy! I really like using mums in this arrangement too, because it gives off a firework effect which is always fun for the Fourth of July!"


  • Waterproof bucket or container
  • Floral foam
  • Water

  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Assorted greenery
  • Variety of flowers (We used red alstroemeria, and all-white varieties like hydrangeas, mini roses, and mums)
  • Small American flags


  1. Cut your floral foam to fit snuggly inside of your container. Add to the bottom of your container and fill with water. Allow the floral foam to soak well.  
  2. Prep your flowers and greenery for arranging: Cut the stems on an angle before inserting into the floral foam (this not only allows them to pierce through the foam easier, but it also allows the stems to absorb more water). Remove any leaves from the stems that will be below water level. Leaves left sitting in the water will actually contaminate it and your floral arrangement won’t last as long.
    White and red flowers
  3. Working around the edges of your container, add the largest pieces of greenery (this will help to fill your arrangement and give it a fuller look while using fewer accent flowers).
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 2
  4. Add the fullest flowers into the center of your arrangement such as hydrangeas. Place each stem at varying heights to add a more natural, overgrown look to the overall design.
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 3
  5. Add the second largest of your flowers into your container. For this arrangement, we used mums. (Tip: You can cluster some together for a more grand effect, you can separate them all throughout the arrangement, or you can do a variety of both as shown here.)
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 4
  6. Add your smallest white flower variety such as mini roses. Add them to any bigger open spaces left in the arrangement. As you work through the arrangement, feel free to raise, lower, and move any stems to fit your vision. 
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 5
  7. Once you have the majority of your white flowers placed and arranged, use red flowers to fill in empty spaces. Place them at varying heights and try not to keep everything uniform and balanced on either side. You want everything to look more natural and not planned. Placing some together also works well.
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 6
  8. To finish off the arrangement, add in some small pieces of greenery into the center of your arrangement. Fill in any small gaps or position some in random spots to add some more overall visual interest to your floral arrangement.
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 7
  9. Once all of your flowers are placed, look over your finished arrangement and move or shift any stems as needed. (Tip: Make sure to walk around the entire arrangement, because you could be focusing on one side and completely missing another one.)
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 8
  10. Plant small American flags into the finished arrangement.
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 9
  11. Tie a blue bow out of ribbon around your container and display.
    Fourth of July Flower Arrangement Step 9

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