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Take Your Iced Tea to the Next Level with These 3 Irresistible Recipes

Our bold twists on traditional iced drinks are just the thing for summer.

white green teas melonade summer drinks
Photography by: Armando Rafael

One taste of these ice-cold summer drinks, and you’ll wonder how you ever survived on a squeeze of lemon alone. Whether you prefer black, green, or white tea, we've got you covered with an easy make-ahead recipe. Sip and repeat all season!


1. Hibiscus-Black Tea Spritzer

Classic black tea is punched up with hibiscus leaves, orange zest, and seltzer in this fizzy concoction.


Get the Hibiscus-Black Tea Spritzer Recipe


2. Coconut Green Tea 

Go tropical with this peachy-minty green blend cold-brewed in coconut water.


Get the Coconut Green Tea Recipe


3. White-Tea Melonade

An Arnold Palmer meets a watermelon slushie for a match made in thirst-quenching heaven.


Get the White-Tea Melonade Recipe