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Nautical-Stenciled Storage Baskets

Ships, ahoy! (Or, in this case, "organization" ahoy!) Here's how to customize a matching set of nautical-themed canvas baskets using stencils and simple paint supplies.


Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. For “school of fish” basket, stencil 1st layer on the canvas portion of the basket using Summer Haze paint and stencil brush. Let dry.
  2. Adhere 2nd stencil layer over painted designs and apply Wild Blueberry paint with stencil brush.
  3. For “ship” basket, center and adhere 1st stencil layer on the canvas portion of the second basket.
  4. Using stencil brush, apply Summer Haze paint for the sails and water. Let dry.
  5. Adhere 2nd stencil layer and use Wild Blueberry paint to stencil the body of ship. Let dry.

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