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Press a Button and Watch This Zero-Gravity Air Lamp in Action

It even works double-time to charge other devices.

zero-gravity air lamp on Kickstarter
Photography by: Levof Technologies

If your existing desk lamp needs an upgrade, you might want to consider backing the Kickstarter campaign for the new Smart Air Lamp, developed by Levof Technologies. The functional décor serves a dual purpose of lighting a room and charging smart devices.


And the best part? The portable product is zero-gravity — meaning, yes, it hovers over the charging base via auto-levitating liftoff technology. All it takes is the touch of a button.


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With two USB ports, you can plug your phone or tablet into the lamp while it's lighting the room using LED bulbs — which only takes three watts of power to reach full capacity — and it can do so for up to twelve hours when the device is fully charged.


If the Smart Air Lamp reaches its funding goal of $50,000 by July 15, the first round of delivery is estimated to begin this November. Consider it a smart addition to your solar-powered window blinds, levitating planter, augmented reality remote device. "Home smart home," right?