The all-new watercolor craft paints, home decor paints, adhesive stencils, and pattern rollers are now available in-store and online, exclusively at Michaels.

Your crafternoon is about to get more colorful! The Martha Stewart craft line at Michaels recently expanded to include all-new paints, tools, and accessories. Among the latest products you'll find are watercolor craft paints (the first formula of its kind!), home decor paints for both indoor and outdoor use, stylish and fun stencils, and pattern rollers for large-scale projects.

The new products are available at your local Michaels store and online here.

Take a look at the assortment below and share your Martha Stewart craft projects on social media using the hashtag #ImSoMartha.

Credit: John Armitage

Watercolor Craft Paint

The first of its kind, Martha Stewart Watercolor Craft Paint is a gel-based formula that makes it easy to create a beautiful watercolor look on multiple surfaces. It's available in 40 colors (including metallic!) and is best used on porous materials like paper, wood, fabric, and canvas. You can even paint on plastic, ceramic and glass surfaces (though be careful, it's not dishwasher safe). Apply the formula as is or dilute it with water to create washes, multi-color blending, and ombré effects.

Credit: John Armitage

Home Decor Paint

Also new to the line is Martha Stewart Home Decor Paint. This extremely durable formula can be used for indoor and outdoor projects on surfaces like wood, concrete, terra cotta, metal, and stone. The paint, available in 40 different hues, comes in a smooth eggshell finish and, thanks to its self-sealing properties, can withstand weather and resist fading. There are also 10 metallic colors that are great for touching up hardware.

seaglass votive craft
Credit: John Armitage

Sea Glass Paint

This translucent formula is available in five colors and creates a frosty sea glass effect reminiscent of treasures you'd find along the ocean's shore. Use it on non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic, ceramic, and mirrors.

Milk Glass Paint

Turn a new item into a vintage-style gem with this creamy formula inspired by Martha's jadeite collection. Like the new sea glass paint, it's meant for non-porous surfaces.

marbled dishes craft
Credit: John Armitage

Marbling Medium

Mix the new Martha Stewart Marbling Medium with any Multi-Surface Craft Paint to make your own unique marbled creation. It's best used on surfaces like paper, papier-mâché, canvas, ceramic, cork, and wood. Unlike the marble bath method, you pour and drip this mixture over the crafting surface, tilt to spread, then use a toothpick or spoon to manipulate the design.

Adhesive and Laser-cut Stencils

The new selection of Martha Stewart stencils helps you create a beautiful design without the worry of unsteady hands. Adhesive Layering Stencils can be used with the new Watercolor Craft Paints to create depth in your pattern; the first layer provides a wash of color and the second layer develops the outline.

Credit: John Armitage

Use Home Decor Laser-Cut Stencils with the new selection of Home Decor Paint to create all-over patterns or border designs on furniture and other large-scale surfaces.

Credit: John Armitage

Accent your home's surfaces with stylish and fun Adhesive Icon Stencils. Varieties include a script alphabet, phrases, and summer-friendly themes like flamingos, pineapples, and plants.

Credit: John Armitage
Credit: John Armitage

Pattern Rollers

Create an accent wall, transform a piece of furniture, or replace worn-out wallpaper with pattern rollers and your favorite shade of Martha Stewart Home Decor Paint. The tool is similar to a regular paint roller, but the result adds dimension and interest to an otherwise plain surface. Choose from nature- and floral-themed patterns.


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